Gloria Allred – the Ambulance Chaser of ‘Feminism’ and Obama to pull something next week?

gloria-allredHmm. If any of you followed followed the California Governor race in 2010, you may remember that Moonbeam Jerry Brown pulled something with Gloria Allred – the Ambulance Chaser of ‘Feminism’ with some made who was an illegal immigrant to smear Meg Whitman. Eventually, Moonbeam won the election after Whitman was close in the polls, but never really lead at any point. That crying illegal immigrant hasn’t been heard from since. Now Drudge is reporting that something is up with Allred and Obama:

Something fishy may be in the works before Monday’s final debate. We shall see, Drudge will be right on top of whatever it is. What could it be? Did Bane hire an illegal? Did Romney have an illegal as a made?

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