Very fishy! Ohio ABC station already has declared Obama the winner, CBS station in Arizona does too

cbs-nbc-abc-obama-logosSomething very fishy is going on with the corrupt state run media. First it was a CBS station in Arizona that mysteriously posted election results declaring Barack Hussein Obama the winner. They even had the vote totals and everything. But it wasn’t limited to that one station. It seems an ABC station in Ohio did the same thing, declaring Obama and Senator Sherrod Brown the winner with mysterious vote totals. WTF is going on here? Do these media hacks have some sort of time machine they hopped in and went forward to November 6th? Or is something fishy going on?

Here is a video of the one that appeared on the Arizona CBS station this past Friday:

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  • Thedamndog Damnthedog

    I received whistleblower testimony about how the news is produced weeks or months ahead of time and is aired when needed. This is going to go nicely with that report. Sorta fits with building 7 at the BBC on 911, being talked about as having collapsed 40 minutes before it was pulled. It is definitely all rigged, from the world trade center to the presidency.
    Jim Stone

  • Karol Franks

    They DO have early voting in OHIO, which started 2 weeks ago, which is a huge opportunity for voter fraud, since the secret ballot allows one person to vote over and over and over during the six weeks that early voting is allowed. just go in anywhere and ask for a provisional ballot if ur not on registered list and vote and boom, you are in.

  • John Galt

    The Govt has taken over the media. We are being controlled by AFL-CIO communists

  • Brian

    I find it interesting there is an ad in Spanish before you get to view the video.

  • Brian

    The “People’s Media” is just making sure they have their formatting correct and everything is centered correctly on the screen so when they announce that Ob☭ma has won the election on November 7th it comes off without a hitch. There is no way for us to know the actual winner of the election. The only way we as citizens will know the outcome is by what the media tells us. We cannot physically count the votes and the Communist Liberals have their people in all the places to control the counting including Communist Spain. Whomever they say and tell us on TV, Radio, Newspapers Magazines, etc. wins the election and there is nothing we can say or do to refute it. It is inexcusable what they have done to our country and we have let it happen to ourselves.

  • Rick Cross

    They were probably testing their Chyron system getting ready for the election. (Used to put text over video for news, etc.) and someone in Master Control pushed the wrong button putting it on the air. We always did the same thing, putting in blank or test numbers. Granted, I haven’t worked in television broadcast for about 23 years but I doubt things have changed much.

    • KCisSunshine

      I’m on the boat with you. I’m pretty sure they were making up numbers and testing the system. Now if those same totals showed up Nov 6th…

  • amazingoly

    Gonna take more than Obama’s toothy smile and his B.S. to get 4 more years.

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  • The American Patriot

    Some will claim this is simply an accident as
    stations prepare for the election and test pages for broadcast. Sorry,
    I’m not buying it. I interned at a PBS TV Station in Boise, Idaho as a
    cameraman and believe you me, the directors are anal about what is and
    is not done. And that’s PBS! To say that an ABC or CBS affiliate would
    ‘accidentally” run something like this stinks to high heavens! ~ TAP

  • Jack White

    This is crazy. The left swears there is no media bias. And the left is always truthful. Just like they claim there is no voter fraud and hence no need for voter ID laws.

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