Obama, Biden, and Leon Panetta in Oval Office as reports came in real time that terrorists attacked in Benghazi, did nothing

obama-muslim-turbanHeads need to roll over this, and I’m not talking about Muslim style beheadings. I’m talking about voting these corrupt crop of terrorist sympathizers out in two weeks. Not only was a drone over the Benghazi consulate building during the attack by Muslim terrorists and do nothing, but Obama, Joe Biden, and Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta were all in the Oval Office, receiving real time reports on the terrorist attack going on in Benghazi that lead to four American deaths, including the Ambassador to Libya. What did they do? Absolutely nothing! They knew within two hours according to e-mails released tonight that this was the work of terrorists, and an Al Qaeda affiliated group Ansar al-Sharia. Yet none of these ‘men’ chose to do anything, and Obama went to bed knowing full well what happened. Remember the next today. Obama held a press conference, blaming the video with Hillary Clinton at his side then popped off to Las Vegas for a fundraiser.

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