Donald Trump offers $5 million to charity for Obama releasing his college records and passport application (Video)

donald-trumpYep, Donald Trump was a dud, just like expected. His so called ‘big bombshell’ isn’t even any documents or anything. No divorce records, no information on Obama selling cocaine in college. Donald Trump’s ‘big bombshell’ is an offer to Obama. Trump will give a charity of Obama’s choice $5 million if he releases his college records and password applications. That’s it! Nothing newsworthy, nothing of interest, just more Donald Trump playing media whore. This probably is better in the end than release so called divorce documents between the Obamas so no would care about those, and maybe even give Obama a sympathy video. Still. Donald Trump again proves what a jackass he is.

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  • welldoneson

    The issue is that bam-bam’s records are sealed, not that Trump is willing to pay to have them unsealed. You azzwholes.

  • Bengt-Arne Vedin

    Who offers some $ to charity (why not a Mormon one) if Willard Romney release his tax returns for the last 8 years?

    • Sandy Caruso

      Why? So Mitt can further embarrass tight wads like Biden, Kerry and OMG…Obama?

      • Bengt-Arne Vedin

        OMG… Yes, Mourdock told His (G) wisdom

  • bob

    Obama is going to stiff the 47% out of $5,000,000 cause he can’t release documents that any other plain American could release..”O” is a true dickhead