Obama called on SEALS to kill Bin Laden, they did. SEALS called on Obama to help in Benghazi, he didn’t

obama-laughingObama likes to brag about how HE personally got and killed Osama bin Laden, even though the Navy Seals are the ones who actually killed the terrorist piece of sh*t. Obama likes to take credit for killing terrorists with drone attacks too. Yet, he didn’t lift a finger to help the Navy Seals who were under attack by Muslim terrorists during the 9/12/2012 Benghazi terrorist attack. Maybe obama should start a new slogan:: ‘I killed bin laden and 4 innocent Americans.’

Stand down!

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  • Tim Martin

    Obama had absolutely nothing to do with killing Bin Laden, he vetoed the mission several times. Eventutally as we’ve learned he was told the mission was underway as the helicopters crossed into Pakistan. Where was Obama when he got the news…where else, on the golf course. Obama truly hates America.

    • http://www.facebook.com/hawt.g.mess Hawt Glue Mess

      That’s a flat out lie, asshole, he helped plan the mission.

      • Kristian

        Bullshit it is a lie. Panetta, Clinton, and Petraeus confirmed that was the case. Clinton still wants to run for the presidency and that is why she refuses to publicly shoot down the liberals Messiah by exposing him for the traitor he is. And how about you quit being a coward and posting under a false name. If you have something to say at least take credit for it.