Washington Post moves Ohio from ‘Lean Obama’ to Toss Up – Obama only has 186 solid EVs

mitt-romney-paul-ryan-2012-logoNo matter how much the media wants to over sample polls with Democrats to try and show Obama in the lead, they can’t hide the fact that independents are breaking heavily for Mitt Romney, and that the 2012 voter turnout will not be anywhere near the 2008 ObamaWave election.  The Washington Post, one of the biggest Obama propaganda papers around has been releasing heavily Democrat over-sampled polled to try and make Obama appear to be in a good position. But they realize that whatever little repuation they have is on the line. As it gets closer and closer to a Mitt Romney victory, they have to appear to be legit. That’s why they suddenly have moved Ohio from ‘Lean Obama’ to ‘Toss-Up.’

There are still some problems with this map. Oregon for instance should be at best ‘Lean Obama’and Florida should be ‘Lean Romney.’

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