Mitt Romney leading in Bellwether Ohio County, New Hampshire Towns that Obama and Bill Clinton won

mitt-romney-paul-ryan-2012-logoHere are some very interesting numbers comparing counties that Obama and BJ Bill Clinton won in Ohio and New Hampshire. In Lake County, Ohio Romney led Obama 47 percent to 43 percent. Why is this significant? Because Obama won this county in 2008. If Obama is down 7 points in a county that he won with 50% of the vote, he is in deep sh*t. BJ Bill Clinton also won this county in 1996, with only 44% of the vote. That was because Ross Perot split most of the Republican vote with Bob Dole.

In the New Hampshire towns of Epping and Milford, Obama won well over 50% of the vote in both of these towns in 2008. Today, In Milford, Romney leads Obama 51 percent to 46 percent and in Epping, Romney leads Obama 49 percent to 47 percent.

These numbers come from left leaning poll Suffolk. So this is really good news for tomorrow.

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