Mitt Romney Concession Speech 2012 (Video)

mitt-romney-paul-ryan-2012-logoI’m not going sit here and blame tub of lard Chris Christie. I’m not going to blame Mitt Romney. I actually gained a lot of respect for the man over the last few months of the campaign, as before the primaries he would have been my last choice as a candidate. I thought the pick of Paul Ryan as his running mate was great. My pick would have been Marco Rubio, but my second choice would have definitely been Paul Ryan. As far as Christie, if enough gullible people changed their vote just because he gave Obama a bear hug, then there is nothing that could have been done. If people are truly that stupid to fall for the pathetic photo op of Obama and Christie, then this country is lost to the far left. Below is Mitt Romney’s gracious concession speech. You can judge Christie and Mitt Romney yourself.

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