Some good news: Loony California Democrat Pete Stark defeated after 40 years in Congress

democrat-logoThere was a sliver of good news from last night. Loony California Congressman Pete Stark finally got his ass kicked out of Congress after 40 years. A Democrat will replace him since California has their weird top two primary candidates move to the general election, but I can live with that. I guess this offsets the nut Alan Grayson returning to Congress.

It’s widely known that Rep. Pete Stark (D-Calif.), 80, is Congress’ only known atheist. The outspoken politician has touted his non-belief on numerous occasions, serving as a champion to atheists and agnostics across America. But on Tuesday, Stark’s supporters were delivered a blow when he was defeated by fellow Democrat Eric Swalwell.

Rep. Pete Stark (Photo Credit: AP)
The congressman, who was first elected in 1972 and who has been in office for the past 40 years, will no longer serve as a voice for secularists. Notably, Swalwell, a 31-years-old city councilman and county prosecutor, used Stark’s vote against the national motto (“In God We Trust”) to deride his opponent.

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