Elections have consequences – 45 companies announce layoff plans in 48 hours following Obama’s ‘victory’

obama_snobElections have consequences. In the 48 hours since Obama’s ‘victory’ the stock market has crashed by 435 points, and 45 companies have now announced plans to layoff workers because of Obama’s ability to continue his failure for four more years. You wanted this America? You got it! The biggest layoff announcement so far is of course Boeing. Strangely (not really) this hasn’t gotten much attention from the corrupt Obama lapdog media. At least 44 other companies are now planning to lay off workers. This should wonders for people’s Christmas plans.

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  • amazingoly

    Only the start – hundreds, maybe thousands will follow, then the doctor exit. The “free stuff” money is going to dry up soon, suckers.

  • The Physics Chick

    You guys are idiots…Romney would have TOTALLY FUCKED THIS COUNTRY UP and gotten rich doing it…

  • GreenMtnBoyA

    Stefano – It is these CONSTANT excuses for this president and this administration that have us at this place and have now paved a greasy road toward more rough years ahead ! Yes, Elections do have consequences and to quote the egotist you belove, he said that to conservative leaders in 2008 as well, and concluded with, ” and I won.” You do a great disservice to your countrymen to think an egotist can ever be a servant leader like we need in the White House. Shameful disregard for facts and principles that matter is a poor substitute for logical defense.

  • clh


  • @ConRendezvous

    Actually, a lot of these were companies that were waiting to see the results of the election hoping it would mean the end of ObamaCare. These layoffs ARE NOT “normal”. Dismiss this fantasy now before the numbers that roll in in the next few months shock you and you feel you have misled yourself or worse up on yourself.