Nanny Bloomberg fail! New York City imposes gasoline rationing plan

nanny-bloombergGotta love how Obama and Nanny Bloomberg are ‘helping’ New York City recover from Hurricane Sandy. A week and a half later, and still people are without electricity and food. So what does Nanny Bloomberg do? He imposes a Jimmy Carter like gas rationing plan on NYC residents going by odd and even license plates. If you were around in the 1970s, you might find this strangely familiar. If you weren’t around then, time is repeating itself.

With long gas lines persisting more than a week after Superstorm Sandy, New York imposed a gasoline rationing plan Thursday that lets motorists fill up every other day.
Police will be at gas stations Friday morning to enforce the new system in New York City and on Long Island. Gas will be available to drivers with license-plate numbers ending in an odd number or a letter on Friday. On Saturday, drivers with license plates that end in even numbers of zero can fuel up.
“It’ll be bad. How am I going to get my jobs done?” said Parris Hancock, a driver for a Manhattan catering company who makes deliveries from morning to night. “I’ll have to get up at 4 a.m. and just keep going back for gas and waiting in long lines.”

Hey ‘Patrick.’ Why do I think you voted for not only Obama but Bloomberg also? So how’s that working out for ya?

BTW, where the hell is Obama? The election is over, so there are no more photo ops to be had. I guess he just doesn’t care.

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