Obama’s BFF Chris Christie calls to congratulate but only emails Mitt Romney condolences

fat_bastard_chris_christieChris Christie can now officially join a select group of people. Bill Ayers, Rev. Wright, Tony Rezko and various other corrupt, left wing nut jobs. Ever since the ‘bear-hug’ between Christie and Obama, they seem to have become quite close, despite the fact Obama hasn’t done a damn thing for New Jersey since the photo op. Tubby Chris Christie took time out of his ‘busy schedule’ helping the people of New Jersey get back to normal to have a nice little chit chat over the phone with Obama and congratulate  him on his victory. Christie didn’t find the time to call Mitt Romney, instead just e-mailing him.

“We didn’t have a political strategy discussion,” Christie said of his call to Obama, according to Bloomberg. “I said congratulations on your win last night Mr. President, he said thank you governor.”

Christie added that he had sent an email to Romney on Wednesday night.


“We haven’t spoken on the phone yet,” he continued.

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