Obama’s Katrina – Staten Island’s Sandy victims vent over lack of aid – FEMA packed up everything and left the area (Video)

obama-laughingRemember Obama’s photo op with tub of lard Chris Christie? The media convinced the dumb voters that somehow Obama was doing all he can to help the people of New York/New Jersey in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. A week and a half later, people are still starving, gas is being rationed, and people are still freezing, especially after the most recent Nor’Easter. Hurricane Sandy is unfolding to be Obama’s Katrina. But like the media will report on Obama’s failure to help the people affected by the storm or anything, but the New Yorkers who continually vote for Democrats are learning a lesson the hard way. It seems that FEMA decided to pack up and leave Staten Island already. Heckuva’ job Obammy!

Victims of an unforgiving one-two punch from superstorm Sandy and a nor’easter that both hit New York’s Staten Island say FEMA has forgotten them.
Already without power for more than a week in the wake of Sandy, hard-hit residents of the borough’s South Shore braved a winter storm Wednesday night, with many — perhaps hundreds — huddling in condemned homes and ignoring orders to evacuate out of fear looters would take what little Mother Nature has left them.
“FEMA packed up everything yesterday and left the area,” said MaryLou Wong, whose home in the Midland Beach neighborhood was destroyed. “They haven’t come back.”

This is your government New Yorkers. You reap what you sow.

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