Stocks drop another 121 points today, down 435 in two days since Obama won re-election

urkelHey America, congratulations again! You get the government you deserve. Over 50% of voters re-elected the Marxist clown Obama and now the consequences of their votes. Boeing announced yesterday layoffs of 30% of their management team (conveniently right after the election), stocks tumbled yesterday, and did again today. The Dow Jones dropped dropped another 121 points today, and have lost 435 points over the last two days. Congrats America!



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  • Steven_W

    Apparently word is out that WW III actually began last week with Iran taking out one of our drones and and downing one of our fighters above Libya. Bibi was fair to warn that we would get until March if Romney was elected but it would be sooner vs. later if Obama was returned to office. CNN apparently discovered what was happening last week but their partners in the Obama campaign agreed to keep quiet until after the election, too. Time to pray!