Voter fraud! 129% of registered Boston vote on election day?

obama-looks-stonedSomething stinks here, and it’s just not Gen. Petraeus and the sudden resignation. There are reports of several places showing more votes cast on election day than actual registered voters.  Lets look at Boston, Massachusetts. No one expected that dump of a city, or state to go for Mitt Romney in the election, but the math just doesn’t make much sense. If you have a motivated electorate, you typically get about 65% voter turnout. This year overall votes were way down from 2008 for both the Democrat and Republican. But how does one explain that Boston has 387,142 voters on their roll. Yet, somehow 501,282 ‘cards’ were cast on election day, a 129.48% turnout? Does the chowderhead vote count for like 1 and a half votes now or something? Check out the results yourself.

I’m not on the bandwagon (yet) that there’s enough of this around the country to have affected the outcome between Romney and Obama, but i’m starting to get suspicious the more I read about these sort of things.

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  • Michael Detwiler

    Actually it was 250k votes out of 387k registered. I want BHO beat as bad as anyone but above story just isn’t factual.

    • Kay Coyoteco

      I don’t know what happened in MA, but I do know what happened in my state, and my swing state went to Obama because of voter fraud which will be proven.

      • Jeffp

        I’m sure we’ll all be waiting for the proof with bated breath.

  • Right Winger

    The # of cards cast is highly suspicous, but when you look over at the next column, for example Ward 1, Precinct 1, it shows only 855 counted votes against 1235 registered voters. The total votes for Obummer, Romney, etc = 855. If you look at results for the other Wards, you won’t find any column of counted votes that exceeds the amount of registered voters. Based on that and the percentages, I would say its safe to say that no voter fraud took place in Boston, or Massachusettes for that matter as it was a safe bet it was voting socialist.
    Now Ohio, Florida, Colorado, Pennsylvania (swing states) and the stories coming out of there? Well that smells like fraud when you consider Obummer was getting 99.9% of 100% turnout in some places like Cleveland districts. Allen West’s vote lead is erased when a ballot box is taken to a library and all of a sudden the democrat has the lead (aka: Al Frankenstien) ? GOP monitors being thrown out of voting districts by Democrats with the help of police? That’s where the fraud went down.

    • Bombs And Dollars

      The GOP potentially should investigate.

      After they investigate Libya.

    • Joshua

      Then what do those “cards cast” mean? And why do they define “% Turnout” in terms of cards cast divided by registered voters, if the cards cast don’t reflect ballots being voted?

    • Daisy Amos

      If there’s a recount, is it possible they could “work on” the ballots that are to be recounted? “Is it a ‘you just can’t win’ situation?

    • Jake

      You are confusing “cards cast” with “votes” they are not the same thing. Here in Boston each ballot was two “cards”. Therefor each vote equals two cards cast.
      By the way no one in Massachusetts voted Socialist because there wasn’t a socialist on the ballot.

  • Andy Potter

    To be fair, these are the unofficial numbers. But, even being unofficial, they’ve never been this off before, even in 2008. This must be explained. Can’t wait to see the official list.

  • Lizzy

    Don’t confuse “counted votes” with “cards cast”. There is a big difference there. If you see the total counted votes being greater than the registered voters, then you could have fraud. Total “cards cast” could be seperate cards, one for general election, the other for Presidential election. If you’re not sure, call Boston City Hall and ask them to explain it.

    • Jeffp

      This is why taking bloggers’ conspiracy theories and top-of-their-head explanations as truth is dangerous and silly. One call to MA Dept of Elections and this ‘controversy’ could be easily explained. Did they make that call? Nope. Instead spent four or five times the amount of time it would have taken to make that call to write an irresponsible post spreading misinformation.

    • Wayne

      Cards cast means the total number of ballots. Including blanks for a particular office.

  • John LaRosa

    “Cards” do not necessarily equal “votes”. It’s possible that the seemingly skewed numbers were the result of ballots being two pages. (In addition to the candidates, MA voted on several statewide ballot questions this year.)

  • Terika

    They weren’t doing it to defeat Romney – they were going after Brown’s Senate seat! They stole it. That’s just one city. X that by even just 3 for the entire state. Then, x that by 10 swing states.
    Oh, Hell yeah it was enough. Why do you think EVERYONE was so stunned? That’s why the polls were skewed on purpose. So when the election was stolen, they could turn to the polls and say, see? It was sooooo close – and “margin of error”… Victims w/ proof, witnesses, and authorities need to CONTEST THE ELECTION DUE TO HISTORICALLY MASSIVE FRAUD. If not this election, there will be a precedent to NEVER do so! Get off your butts, GOP and DO IT NOW!

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  • JannyMae

    You have to look at the number of the ones that were counted, not the ones that were cast. I have no doubt that there was fraud, but this is starting to look desperate.

  • justme

    Michael Detwiler in a previous comment on here has it correct. I also echo what he said…”I want BHO beat as bad as anyone but above story just isn’t factual”. My question would be…. where in the world did you get your totals? Actual: Registered Voters 387142. Total Votes 248955.

  • tj

    For the less gifted… “Cards” cast is just that. More than one card because to vote for all the initiatives and races in the state, voters had more than one card each. Please try to think before you speak.

  • justme

    Forget the “cards cast”, they have nothing to do with actual votes for obama or Romney….”cards cast’ is just that. They have more than one card because to vote for all the initiatives voters had a card for each individual ballot initiative. Example of one initiative….People with debilitating medical conditions and permission from their doctors will be able to buy marijuana from state-sanctioned distribution centers starting next year. It was passed. Example of another….A ballot initiative that would allow terminally ill patients to end their lives with medication prescribed by physicians. It failed. There were several others hence the “cards cast” count.

  • Kay Coyoteco

    This does impact the senate race, too, though. This election fraud must be addressed. Allen West is addressing the attempt to steal his victory. Al Franken stole the senate seat and cast the deciding vote in Obama care. Obama stole the primary from H Clinton. He has stolen this election, too, and perhaps the last one. This must be stopped.

    • Jake

      What evidence do you have that there was any voter fraud committed? And don’t trot out any “cards cast” numbers because cards cast doesn’t count vote or voters. Anyone using that number to imply voter fraud, like the author of this article, are purposely misleading people in order to advance their ideology. In other words, they’re LYING.

  • mad RN

    Problem is, “what can we do?” nothing was done to Al Franken. We will just get upset to know he won by fraud. Now we have to live with Obamacare and guess what an end to Medicare by the dems not the republicans. And the end to our way of lives as we know it.

  • phillypro

    lol you conservatives are gonna need alot more conspiracy theories

    because people like me…are starting to vote…in HIGH numbers….

    and theres gonna be alot more democratic victories…for you guys to feel “cheated” on ….trust me

  • Chris Valentine

    I’m as conservative as the next Republican (actually, I’m about as conservative as they come). However, the matter here is that the ballots were, as some have realized, 2 pages long, leading to this interesting equation. Basically, turnout was around 64%, and each ballot, being 2 pages (well, front and back), count as 2 ‘cards’, giving you 129%. I got very excited when I saw the total at first, but digging into it a bit provided the answer.

  • Jamie

    voter fraud is all across the country and wouldn’t you know it, in Obamas’ favor!

  • Peter Grenader

    Yes, this should be investigated! To that, I just googled “Massachusetts 129%” and the truth rang clear as the liberty bell. There was one hit: this one.

    ‘My fellow Americans’ – fraud on this magnitude would be a travesty and if it occurred, national news. Keyword “if”.

    Let me review the lesson you should be gaining from this. For three years, the country has endured an unending string of lies, dismissiveness and judgement from the right and last Tuesday they were finally given the chance to cast their vote on it’s effectiveness. Three years of Obama’s a socialist, communist, anti-American, anti-christ, a Kenyan, an Arab, and my personal favorite – the forecast of 1,000 years of darkness if re-elected.


    The irony of it, the one thing you shouldn’t have lied about – the poll results, is what bit you all in the behind. Had you just attempted to swallow your over-active and swollen egos and posted accurate data, your party could have done what it needed to to effectively correct it’s course toward victory. Don’t believe me: Obama gave the worst debate performance in the history of television on his first outing and look what happened in four weeks later. Instead however we saw Gallop and Rasmussen touting a Romney victory which you were so successful in convincing one another was true, even your candidate believed it. Still don’t believe me: Lok at the Gallop and Rasmussen polls again – they’re still up there – against those from less tainted sources.

    In the end, if you continue to tell ppl who don’t embrace your idealologies that they are sinners, wackos, communists, perverts and baby killers, they are going to distance themselves from you. STILL don’t believe me: I can give you 61,678,507 reasons why I’m correct.

    btw – I was born and raised in Boston and i find your assessment (‘dump of a city’) highly offensive. But heck – you go right ahead and keep it up. I would love nothing more than another democratic victory in 2016.

    • Chris

      Funny, your side tells people that don’t embrace your idealogoies as homophobes, bigots, racists, hate-mongers, anti-women, islamophobes, grandma is going to be left on the street to die, etc etc. That is how Soetoro won the election with the help of his state run media. They ran the dirtiest campaign in history to paint Romney (Obama lite in my book) as the greatest villian we have ever seen. If Democrats actually ran on what they believe and their record, they would get hosed during elections.
      It was Barry who essentially ranked himself as the 4th best President of all time who would “gladly put his record up against anybody elses”, yet did his damnedest to avoid it during the elections. If the Democraps win in 2016, it wil be because once again a RINO will have been hand selected by the Party insiders to be the R-nominee because its their turn on the list. Dolt.

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  • drinkmorecoffee

    sore loser (plural sore losers)
    (informal) One who doesn’t take defeat well, especially one who complains or contests it.

  • Mark Riggan

    the democrats get 100 percent of the dead vote. flip those votes in the right places, like ohio and florida, and the obama is a one term wonder

    • Jake

      Lets try and stick to reality here. America rejected the backward conservative movement. We aren’t interested in a hate based philosophy anymore.

  • SD

    If you believe everything you read your playing into their drama!
    think for yourselves!

  • Jake

    Hey Dummy, there was not over 100% voter turnout in Boston. You are using “cards cast” as an equivalent to “voters voting”. The two are not the same. This years ballot was 2 pages long. Each ballot =two cards cast. Don’t let the facts get in the way of your insane paranoid rants, though.
    If you think Boston is a dump, I’d love to see where you live. I’ve travelled all over the world and Boston is probably the greatest place I’ve lived. Hard working educated people who actually care about each other. I wonder where the author lives?

  • JEB Stuart

    To think my 7th Great Grand Pa, Nicholas White owned all that Beacon Hill property when it was good land. Guess the new owners there were not good stewards of the land and didn’t keep the socialist vermin out. They should have built a good fence cow high and pig tight around it.

  • Jim McBride

    funny thing is that almost all the “extra” votes are democrats. Don’t forget to double check Ohio, Florida, California, Illinois and South Dakota.

    and that is only the states where there have been a large amount of verified voter fraud in recent elections.

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