Hey, remember when ABC, NBC and CBS mysteriously declared Obama the winner before election day?

cbs-nbc-abc-obama-logosEven when Mitt Romney was crushing Obama in the polls, in late October, CBS and ABC just so happened to already have declared Obama the winner on their television stations and webpage. Then on election day, before any polls closed, NBC had already declared Obama the winner before even one vote was counted.  ABC for example showed  Sherrod Brown beating Josh Mandel by 5 points in their mysterious October website posting. How much did Brown win by? 5 points. The CBS station which during the People’s Court in Arizona back in October had already declared Obama the winner over Romney by 3 percentage points. How much did Obama win by? 3 percentage points 51% to 48%.

NBC on their website during election day before votes were counted had Obama already declared the winner 280 electoral votes. Something is very fishy.

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