NBC declares that America is California

nbcIf this is the case, as NBC and their butchy hack Sherry Bebitch Jeffe write, then you misewell turn off the lights as the party is over. BeBitch of NBC LA has concluded that the big take away from Tuesday election is that America = California. According to BeBitch, the GOP is a toxic brand, and is just the party of rich, white men in grey suits. You know, the usual leftist spew. Funny how she doesn’t seem to mind that most of America’s wealthiest people are Democrats. John Kerry for example is worth double what Mitt Romney is because he married in the Heinz brand. In fact, the top three richest US Senators are pasty white, Democrat males. In fact, seven of the top 10 wealthiest members of the 112th Congress are all pasty white, six male, one female Democrat. But I assume that’s ok for BeBitch and the class warrior Democrats.

BeBitch goes on to write about how Republicans have been ‘marginalized’ by this election in an already deep blue state. That’s fine, we know Republicans are pretty much dead in California, but acting as if this is some sort of newsflash because of Obama’s re-election is as stupid as the original article. BeBitch fails to mention that Obama got 3 million fewer votes in this election than in 2008. She also fails to mention that Obama won the state by 2 percentage point less than he did in 2008. If America is truly California, then the Mayans may have been right.

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