GOP cowards in the House wouldn’t subpoena Gen. David Petraeus for Thursday Benghazi testimony

crybaby-boehnerWhy am I not surprised? The weak GOP refuses to investigate the many reports of voter fraud, Weeper Boehner has no desire to get ObamaCARE repealed, and has indicted he will probably go along with Obama/Democrat tax hikes, and now the GOP wouldn’t even subpoena Gen. David Petraeus for Thursday Benghazi testimony. A lot of people, including myself were hoping the GOP finally grew a set after the 2010 shellacking of Obama and the Democrats. The 2012 election proved they are just as weak and cowardly as always, and that nothing has changed. Petraeus has been under investigation by the FBI for month over his ‘affair.’ Usually this is a badge of honor for a Democrat. Yet, because he is at the forefront of the BenghaziGate cover-up with Hillary Clinton and Obama, he decided to resign just a week before the hearings. The Republicans if they wanted could subpoena Petraeus and Hillary Clinton, but it looks like they don’t find it necessary.

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