Paula Broadwell may have revealed classied info last month in Denver: ‘militia prisoners’ may have precipitated the attack (Video)

david-petraeus-horndogWell isn’t this interesting. A video posted by Power Line shows Gen. David Petraeus mistress Paula Broadwell giving a speech at the University of Denver back in October discussing the ‘terrorist attack’ at Beneghazi. What Broadwell says in her speech might have been classified information at the time. Broadwell specifically discusses the Benghazi terrorist attack and talks about Gen. Petraeus’s response. Paula Broadwell claims that there were “militia prisoners” at the annex whose presence might have precipitated the attack. Was this considered classified or ‘non-public’ information at the time? Broadwell then immediately refers to Gen. Petraeus after mentioning it. Watch the following video below. It’s long. If you want to skip ahead to the referenced parts, skip ahead to 35 minutes.

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