60 percent want Bush tax cuts extends, 28% don’t

obamas_fly_2I’ve moved from the 60% to the 28%. While the latest Rasmussen poll finds that 60% of voters want Bush tax cuts extended because of the lousy economy, 28% don’t want them extended. I’ve come to the conclusion that if Americans were stupid enough to give Obama a free pass on his first term failure, then lets give him and the rest of the Marxist Democrats what they want so they own it. Let the Bush tax cuts expire, let sequestration happen, and see how the economy ‘takes off.’

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey shows that 60% of Likely Voters believe the government should extend the variety of tax cuts, including those implemented during the George W. Bush administration, past the end of the year. Just 28% believe Congress and the president should let those tax cuts expire. Another 12% are undecided.

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