CBS ‘journalist’ Nancy Giles – Whites against abortion to ‘Build Up the Race’ (Video)

cbsNever mind the fact that blacks are proportionally losing more babies due to abortion than evil ‘whitey.’ But according to cBS ‘journalist’ Nancy Giles, whites are against abortion because they want to ‘build up the race.’ So basically those evil white people who are anti-abortion which would result in helping grow the African-American race are somehow out to help build up their own white race instead. Brilliant. And typical of the ‘journalism’ at cBS. All the more reason why Operation Slam is needed.

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  • tuffymonkey

    Reading this made my eyes bleed, hearing it, well you get it. Ah, screw it, I could state facts on minority abortion rates versus ‘white people’ rate or I could talk about the views of the abortionists heroine, Sanger, ah, but screw it.