Heh. MSNBC may dump pig Ed Schultz for WaPo hack Ezra Klein

ed-schultz-fatboyOh no! Ed Schultz might torch this place!!!!!!!! Ezra Klein is a goofy little Washington Post Obama licker. But even he isn’t as obnoxious as Ed Schultz. Now there are rumors that MSNBC may be looking to pull a Keith Olbermann and dump the fat pig Schultz for Klein. Maybe if MSNBC dumps Schultz they can go after Fox News’ pig Bob Beckel. You probably wouldn’t even notice the difference.

In other words, Schultz could soon lose the MSNBC show he has hosted for years. Schultz has had run ins with management before but most thought those episodes were old news. But a comment this past week where he seemingly takes credit for MSNBC’s success probably didn’t leave management and other MSNBC hosts particularly pleased either. This, however, could just be a programming decision to try to keep the network’s prime time more fluid. Schultz’s often bombastic style is inconsistent with the more cerebral tone of the show his leads into –which also happens to be the network’s most popular program — The Rachel Maddow Show at 9pm. Klein, who as Stelter points out, has filled in for Maddow many times, has a style more akin to Maddow’s particularly in comparison to Schultz’ populist rage. If true, this would also mean that network up and comer Chris Hayes, who currently hosts a weekend show, would be passed over for a prime time slot.

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