NBC Fail! Comcast to cut 500 jobs at NBCUniversal entertainment

nbcUsually I feel bad when people lose their jobs, especially in the Obama economy. But when it comes to NBC cutting 500 employees? I can’t stop smiling. Karma is catching up with Comcast and NBC with their failing brand. Enjoy it Comcast and NBC. Your absolute pathetic shilling for Obama this past election season is really paying off. Too bad, so sad, bye bye. This is just the beginning for Comcast/NBC.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/frank.macon.1 Frank Macon

    Chris Mathews….please…spare us his verbal vomit. Fire the bastard.

  • amazingoly

    CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, and ABC next? You covered for him – now you own it.

  • Charlotte Wiggs

    Hey, libs…listening? You are just gonna have to BOYCOTT NBC since they are really doing this only because they hate Obummer. Let’s hear it!! huh? You guys are all for boycotting Papa John’s (appreciation day 11/16) and Applebees.

    Guess you have to add NBC to your list…hahahahahaha

    Hopefully, the karma is really great in that the people fired voted for obummer. Too bad, so sad. No sympathy from this hard right conservative. I will go down fighting.