Obama/Feds to cut food stamps to the poor in Ohio

obama-dick-in-mouthObama and the Marxist Democrats care about the poor. Well unless they are in Ohio. All the clueless people who voted for Obama because he ‘best understands their problems’ in Ohio are having their Karma bite them back in the ass. Obama is cutting food stamps for the poor in Ohio. This is expected to affect around 869,000 households in Ohio. What’s next? Is Obama going to take away those free ObamaPhones too? Oh well.

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  • Alky

    That’s frikkin hilarious!! WTG Obots!!

  • http://twitter.com/NPete2 NPete

    Cut food stamps,but he will give them a house on our dime, lets see, no food means death, death means repo house, “Then do it again”