Voter Fraud – 59 voting divisions in Philadelphia Obama won 19,605 to 0? – Even McCain didn’t get zero votes in 2008

obama-laughingI was curious at this story when I heard that in 59 different voting divisions in Philadelphia that Mitt Romney didn’t get a single vote, not one! Obama won 19,605 to 0 in 59 different Philly wards. So i was curious, how did McCain do in 2008? Did McCain get zero votes in any of the Philadelphia wards during ObamaMania? Nope, this didn’t even happen to weak RINO John McCain in 2008. Some wards had Obama beating McCain with between 95% to 99% of the vote, but McCain always got some votes. This year, as many are disappointed with Obama, he somehow shuts out Mitt Romney in 59 different Philadelphia wards? Obviously Philadelphia would heavily Obama. Aside from the large black population, it’s also home to a lot of white trash far left loons.

Of course the GOP doesn’t seem interested in getting to the bottom of this, so I guess I shouldn’t care either.

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