Great start to the fiscal year! US deficit at $120 billion in October – Pace of $1.44 trillion for 2012-2013 fiscal year

obama-what-me-worryI’m going to really enjoy the next four years watching the idiots who voted for Obama or stayed home and didn’t vote for Romney last week complain, and moan as this country’s economy continues to go down. The first month of the 2012-2013 fiscal year is underway, and already we are looking at $120 billion deficits. Last October the deficit was ‘only’ $98 billion. At this pace, the 2012-2013 deficit will be $1.44 trillion.

The deficit has topped $1 trillion for each year of the Obama administration, more than double the amount in the last year of the Bush administration, prior to the Great Recession and Obama stimulus package.

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