Arrogant Obama gets testy with ABC hack over Susan Rice during first press conference in 8 months – admits he told her to lie on Sunday shows (Video)

susan-riceWho knew? Apparently the liar Susan Rice has represented the United States with ‘skill, grace and toughness.’ I guess that’s how those from Chicago refer a liar like Susan Rice. Like the first term Obama doesn’t like being challenged on what he does, 0r who he picks. His snotty response to ABC hack Jon Karl was angry, arrogant, and vintage Obama. There was also a moment of clarity from Obama. He flat out admits that HE is the one who told Rice to go on five Sunday news programs after the Benghazi terrorist attack and lie to the American people.

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  • Robert Weller

    He doesn’t say he told her to lie. You are lying about what he said. Only we can see it right here. Bet you don’t like blacks.

  • Wayne

    Bet you don’t like blacks??? WHAT!! Do you have the ability of original thought or do you just yell RACIST anytime someone disagrees with you? That is a rhetorical question, I clearly see the answer in your post, idiot.

  • Wayne

    Hey, moron, he said he told her to say the attack on Benghazi consulate was a result of a YouTube video. Everyone knows that is not true. So…..try to keep up, I know it’s hard for an idiot like you, but try to keep up…..he SAID he TOLD her to say something that is not true… he TOLD HER TO LIE. Has NOTHING, NOT ONE SINGLE THING, to do with liking or not liking anyone, black or otherwise. I can taste the stupidity from your post.