CNN hack Donna Brazile urges boycott of Denny’s because Florida franchisee John Metz plans to add Obamacare surcharge to customer checks

cnn-obama-logoSo now CNN leftist hacks like Donna Brazile are urging boycotts of franchises like Denny’s because a franchisee John Metz in Florida is adding a 5% surcharge to customers bills because of ObamaCARE? John Metz is free to charge whatever he likes, regardless if Donna Brazile or other leftists approve or not. If people find that the 5% surcharge thanks to ObamaCARE will mean the price is too high to eat there, people simply will eat elsewhere. But when you have a loudmouth, arrogant hack like Donna Brazile urging a boycott of the Denny’s franchise because of the actions of one franchisee, it will likely affect Denny’s franchises all over the country. Idiots will probably assume it’s all Denny’s restaurants adding this surcharge, and thus will either feel it’s too expensive to eat there, or simply boycott the restaurant because a leftist hack urged them to do so. No wonder CNN is such a clown parade.

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