Romney blames loss to Obama on giving ‘gifts’ to voting blocs – media hacks try to claim racism

cbs-nbc-abc-obama-logosThe fact of the matter is that Mitt Romney is right. The Obama campaign targeted specific groups (like women who want free birth control and abortions) to win his re-election. He also targeted gays by suddenly supporting ‘gay marriage’ that he was against for so many years. He also targeted environmental whack jobs with his global warming rhetoric, young people who had college debt, parasites who wanted ObamaCARE, and so forth. So what does the media do? Imply Mitt Romney was claiming Obama gave gifts to minorities. Not once in the interview did Romney ever use the word ‘minorities’ but leftist media hacks like to put words into his mouth.

Go back to covering the sex scandal with Gen. Petraeus and Gen. Allen you media hacks. You are far better at that.

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