John McCain destroys CNN hack: Who the hell are you to tell me? (Video)

cnn-obama-logoWhere the hell was this John McCain in 2008? If he would have actually fought Obama and the media four years ago, there would never have been a Benghazi to cover-up in the first place. But now McCain is mad. After four years of trying to suck up to Obama and the media, maybe he’s finally realized it’s pointless.  A CNN hack was badgering McCain today about his ‘schedule’. McCain didn’t want to bother with the CNN hack. McCain told the idiot ‘Who the hell are you to tell me I can or not?’

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  • No Way

    Why the same POS CNN correspondent did not ask his boss Big O, why he skipped most of the National Security briefings in WH? Sucking up to your dog-eating America hater?

    • CheetoBuster

      Exactly!! Communist Network News would never question Obama on missing security briefings…what, show him for what he really is..a failed leader?