Obama’s Katrina: Hurricane Sandy victims say he should have been here a long time ago during latest photo op in New York

obama-laughingThe same people who voted for Obama are growing frustrated with his lack of response for victims of Hurricane Sandy. Obama went to New York today for yet another photo op just three weeks after the bear hug from Chris Christie. Where has Obama been since the Hurricane? Fundraisers, parties, golfing, and having a fawning press give him a tongue bath. Oh, and Obama also managed to squeeze in a meeting with union thugs and far left groups like the George Soros monkeys at Moveon.org.

Pooler got to talk with a girl who was getting some supplies. She said her house was on the beach but “it’s gone.” She laughed and said it’s “still standing…” but they can’t live in it. They’re living [with] family.

She said of the president:

“We need help–he should of been here a long time ago.”

A young hispanic man who just met the president said he “lost everything; I lost my job.”

“Thanks so much,” he said he wanted to say to the president.

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