Obama tells Bibi Netanyahu not to invade Gaza

obama-muslim-turban69% of Jews in this country voted for Obama in the election. That’s about 10% less than 2008. Why the American Jews are still overwhelming in favor of the Marxist Obama who absolutely hates Israel is something I will never understand. Now that Obama has secured another four year, he’s dictating to Israel NOT To invade Gaza in order to protect themselves. I hope Bibi Netanyahu told Obama to go f*ck himself and go back to sucking up to the Muslim Brotherhood.

If I were Bibi I would tell Obama to f*ck off, and not in a polite way either.

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  • No Way

    Have not Bibi already expressed his opinion about Big O?
    Just asking…

  • SoulStraw3

    Man, what a pathetic racist POS you are!

    Your so called “facts” are twisted from personal opinion, and are so filled with hate, that your points cannot be considered credible. In fact your articles are so caught up in hate, that although you bring up a few valid points, your hatred veers you so greatly off topic that your articles have about 10-25% truth tied to them. I am also a 3.8 GPA finance major at the University of Minnesota. I would like to say that I am not a “stupid” human being.

    As Obama 100% supports Israel and blocks a UN cease fire call, what do those who spent election saying “Obama-hates-Israel” tell themselves? you think Bibi will be respected around the world by being such as racist asshole like you?