Union thugs who are now jobless because of Hostess closing feel ‘relief’ at losing jobs

dick-trumka-union-thug-afl-cioUnion thugs, who forced the closure of Hostess, and the death of the Twinkies always feel ‘relief’ at losing their jobs. Of the 18,500 jobs that were lost because of union thuggery, about 5,000 were union. The other 13,500 weren’t union workers, and now have no income before Thanksgiving and Christmas. I don’t think these people have the same ‘relief’ as the union thugs. The union thugs can now collect tax payer funded unemployment, and leech off the government, something union thugs, leftists, and progressives are quite familiar with.

Lamont Phillips, an employee, said the company had been, “holding this over our head for a long time,” and he was relieved he did not “have to deal with that anymore.”
“They always hold that over our heads, that they’ll close it down,” he said. “So, I’m like, ‘OK. Close it down.’”
Phillips said his potential layoff was a “relief” and his “plan is to find another job.”
“We have unemployment, but nobody wants unemployment without the health benefits. So, we’re pretty much going to find another job,” Phillips said.
Tressy Daniel, who worked at the plant for 26 years, said she thought her losing her job was going to be a “victory for her.”
“I know I’m out of a job, but I still feel myself as coming out with a victory,” she said. “When one door closes, another will open for you.”

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