Rats begin to jump ship: David Plouffe, Axelrod, and Jim Messina

hitler-axelrodAfter securing the screwing of America for Obama’s second term, accomplishing voter fraud, and trying to avoid the coming onslaught of revealing corruption, the three main Obama rats are getting ready to jump ship. First you have David Axelrod. He will soon leave the Obama regime to focus on the creation of a new ‘politics institute’ at the University of Chicago. Aka, more indoctrination at another college. The weird and fruity Jim Messiah hasn’t decided yet what he’s going to do. Right now he’s ‘tired and needs sleep.’

Than you have David Plouffe. He is expected to leave the Obama regime ‘in a few months’ as well, but his plans haven’t been announced.

Don’t let the door hit your asses on the way out.

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