CNN hack Anderson Cooper gets bitchy when exposed for his anti-Israel pro-Hamas bias

anderson-cooper-gayAww. Poor little Anderson Cooper. He doesn’t like to be challenged on his pro-Hamas, anti-Israel bias. When challenged by some Twitter users to report on the rockets fired FROM Gaza into Israel, instead of always whining about IDF attacks, Cooper got testy. Check out little Andy Cooper’s exchange with some Twitter users:

To Anderson Cooper’s credit, he has more Twitter followers than CNN has viewers. Yet, if he is so busy covering the news in Gaza and ‘dodging rockets’ how does he find time to go all bitchy at people calling him out for his anti-Israel, pro-Hamas bias? Aren’t these ‘real journalists’ supposed to be above this?

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  • Chris Locke

    This is inaccurate.

    If you look at Anderson Cooper’s first tweet, the one that Pamela was responding to, it reads:

    “4 rockets just fired from near media center in Gaza. The same media center bldg hit by three IDF missiles earlier today.”

    Anderson clearly mentions the rockets fired by the IDF and the rockets fired FROM Gaza. Pamela just read it too quick and posted prematurely.

    And just because you support the plight of the Palestinians does not make you Pro-Hamas.