NPR reject and Fox leftist bigot warns Israelis of ‘overkill’ (Video)

juan-williamsSo many conservatives defended Fox News leftist bigot Juan Williams when NPR kicked him to the curb. I wasn’t one of them since I never could stand him. Williams has routinely shown his bigoted side calling  Sarah Palin is a centerfold, a bad mother‘catnip’ to white Repubicanss. Now Williams is ‘warning’ Israelis as they try and protect themselves from Muslim terrorists firing rockets at them of ‘overkill.’

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  • Terry_Jim

    Overkill? If it’s OVER before KILLing every person or militia that would fire on Israel, it’s over too soon.

  • Anna McKenzie

    It happens when hamas hides behind women & children. I also defended Juan when he was unjustly fired, but maybe he isn’t as smart as I thought. To give us hamas & muslim brotherhood talking points is outrageous!

  • amazingoly

    His Fox welcome mat is getting thin.

  • Twitter

    One Williams, better known as O Wiliams should have stuffed a couple of Thinkies in his mouth before making that statement. His anti-jewish and Israeli sentiment was SOOOOO apparent. I really don’t know why he is at Fox, I think they fired him from the wrong place, maybe now he can report from Gaza since he knows the “situation there so well”