Cool! Lindsey Stone who flipped off fallen heroes at Arlington National Cemetery fired!

democrat-logoEh, maybe I shouldn’t say cool. There’s still a First Amendment issue here. But oh well. Unlike other countries, she wouldn’t be put in jail or anything, but in the court of public opinion, she’s toast. The hag from Massachusetts named Lindsey Stone who was photographed flipping off and yelling at fallen heroes at Arlington National Cemetery has been fired by Cape Cod company Living Independently Forever. Freedom of speech does not mean freedom from consequences. Lindsey Stone show yet again the ‘class’ of chowderheads in Massachusetts. So called progressive, liberal, Democrat, anti-military harpy that have zero respect for the fallen. The ‘Fire Lindsey Stone’ Facebook page has over 31,000 likes already! Well done!

The Massachusetts woman at the center of the Facebook photo scandal at Arlington Cemetery has been fired from her job at a Cape Cod business.

Lindsey Stone’s employer, Living Independently Forever (LIFE), issued a statement on their Facebook page on Wednesday announcing that they have released the two employees involved in the controversial incident.

“We wish to announce that the two employees recently involved in the Arlington Cemetery incident are no longer employees of LIFE. Again, we deeply regret any disrespect to members of the military and their families.”

LIFE plans to delete any and all comments regarding the incident from their page in an effort to protect their residents, even if the comments were well-intentioned.

“We appreciate your concern and understanding as we focus on the care of our community,” the organization said.

Stone and Jamie Schuh, the other LIFE employee involved in the incident, were placed on unpaid leave immediately following the Facebook post which made national headlines.

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  • Paul JF

    She would be mayor of Amherst or Cambridge.

  • Pamela Schafer-Martin

    Trying to figure out why Obama didn’t step up and say, “Our fallen soldiers deserve respect, and should be treated with dignity.” But, he didn’t. From what I can see, he had nothing to say at all publicly. It just saddens me now.

  • John Ringer

    “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel” is a quote attributed to Samuel Johnson which he made in 1775. What this quote means, in my opinion, is that when all else fails, bring out the flag.
    Everyone will love you then.
    The US spends more on its military than the next ten nations combined. Almost everyone has either served in the military, or has friends and relatives that are or were in the military. The US society
    is closing in on a full generation that has never lived in a country that was not at war. The US is a very military-centric nation. To a large extent the US military now defines America and its values.
    Samuel Johnson’s quote is hundreds of years old, and Americans have learned on their own that supporting the US military is a quick and easy way to get approval. This creates a symbiotic relationship
    between the military people and civilians. The military people can elevate their social status by flaunting their service.
    The civilians can show off by displaying fawning adulation for those in the military. The military people enjoy being the object
    of all this attention. This creates a self reinforcing feedback loop between the two groups, where the military is elevated further and further to reach god-like status, and the civilians fall all over
    themselves to pay tribute to these idols. The result is an orgy of exhibitionistic narcissism. When it is perceived that someone is not participating in this groupthink, it creates an opportunity for everyone to confirm and reinforce their patriotic zeal by attacking this threat to their belief system. When it is a blatant and deliberate insult, as Lindsey Stone’s picture appeared to be, the result is an insane competition to see who can be most offended, who can display the most anger, who can be the most publicly
    hostile, all with one goal- to make that person look good. The more outraged you get, the better you look. So, to the pack of wild dogs, to the (aptly named) congress of baboons who self-organized to destroy Ms. Stone for tugging at their psychological security blanket, I have this to say- The Lindsey Stone
    episode is not about disrespecting dead soldiers, or free speech, or a prank gone wrong, or anything else like that.
    It’s all about you.