Epic union thug failure – only 50 workers show up at Walmart protests as they set record high for sales on Black Friday

seiu-brownshirts-obamaWhile I’m not much of a fan of Walmart because the owner of the company is a heavy Democrat donor, it still brings a smile to my eyes to see union thugs fall on their asses again. The Walmart ‘protests’ on Black Friday turned out to be the best marketing scheme they could hope for. Walmart set records today for Black Friday sales as union thugs couldn’t muster crowds larger than 50 Walmart workers.

They’ve already sold nearly 2 million towels, 1.3 million televisions, and 250,000 bicycles. According to Walmart Chief Executive Bill Simon, over 1.3 million Walmart staffers are on duty. There have been picket lines around the country, but the movement has been far less effective than expected.

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