We now know more about Larry Hagman’s death from the media than we do about the four Americans in Benghazi

cbs-nbc-abc-obama-logosIn case you haven’t heard it about 100 times already, Larry Hagman or J.R. from Dallas and Major Anthony Nelson I Dream of Jeannie. Hagman was 81 year old. We’ve been bombarded from news reports on TV, radio and the Internet about Hagman’s death. You may have liked him, but doesn’t anyone else find it a bit ironic, if not pathetic that we now know more about Hagman’s death than we do about the four Americans killed in Benghazi from the same corrupt media? Personally, I’d rather hear about the details and circumstances that lead to the death of four Americans, and what caused the Muslim terrorist attack than some 81 year old actor.

I guess that’s just how we roll in this country these days.

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