Bill O’Reilly destroys atheist fascist David Silverman (Video)

bill-oreilly_0Considering that all atheist loons are Obama supporters, you would think they’d back off Christmas because Obama is Santa Claus.  But as we’ve seen over the years, that’s not even safe. Atheist fascist David Silverman appeared on the O’Reilly Factor tonight to tell everyone how bad Christmas is. David Silverman is the president of American Atheists and has appeared (and been destroyed) on O’Reilly’s show before. Tonight though was epic, with O’Reilly calling Silverman and other atheist nut jobs who conduct their war on Christmas a ‘Merry Band Of Fascists.’ I’m not much of a fan of O’Reilly, but I must give credit where credit is done. Well done BillO. Of course, you never hear a word uttered by Silverman or other so called atheists about Islam.

The corrupt leftist media should have a field day with this one in the coming days.

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  • DougI

    I agree with Bill O’Reilly, Christianity isn’t a religion, therefore all the churches should be taxed.

  • Godless Libertarian

    Wow. First, your statement about all atheist being Obama supporters is complete BS & is downright a lie.
    I’m a proud atheist who voted for Romney this election. Second, you obviously A: didn’t watch the segment & instead read about it & posted this based off of what you heard from what your religious friends told you. Or B: completely let your warped religious mind think something other than what you saw happened. I can’t pinpoint which one it is. If you actually watched & listened to what Mr. Silverman was saying, then you would’ve realized that he was simply stating what the “founding fathers” stated: forbidding the establishments of religion, i.e. separation of church & state. O’Reilly’s weak attempt @ saying Christianity isn’t a religion, but a philosophy is inaccurate in so many ways. Stop lumping all non-believrs in w/ the left. It’s just not true. We aren’t waging a war on Christmas, we’re just trying to promote equality & our constitutional right of freedom of speech.

  • Rev. Ouabache

    ” Of course, you never hear a word uttered by Silverman or other so called atheists about Islam.”

    Not true. Silverman has said, “Islam is a shitty religion that worships a pedophile as morally perfect.” Do research before you insult someone.

  • onsale241

    This from a guy who doesn’t know why the tides go in and out, he (O’Reilly) thinks it’s because of some god. What a joke.

  • David Williamson

    You’re kidding, right? Bill O’Reilly says Christianity isn’t a religion and you remember fascism? Tide goes in. Tide goes out.

  • Spiderman

    This post gave me cancer.

  • ken

    “has appeared (and been destroyed) on O’Reilly’s show before”. So continues the endless cycle of re-destruction and reappearance of the atheist. Seems almost supernatural, doesn’t it ?

  • woot

    Haha O’Reilly calls Christianity a ‘philosophy’ and not a religion, and also blindly calls an organization fascist, and you say O’Reilly destroyed silverman? O’Reilly just came off as an ignorant and incorrect nut bent on preserving the government’s preference of Christianity (a religion!) who had to result to name-calling in a very poor effort to get his failed point across.

  • Francophag

    Is Bill O’Reilly trying to take over Stephen Colbert’s job? Generally, I’m not a fan of people using the Poe card all the time, but it is so hard for me to believe this isn’t satire.

  • Psudo Nym

    Mitt Romney: “…47% of Americans don’t pay income taxes…”.
    Romney voters in 2012 election: 47%
    Ah, poetic irony.

  • Psudo Nym

    What’s that you say, we’re on O’Reilly? Crap, I’m on the wrong thread…wait I know! Is this the same guy who thinks the Earth is about 9000 years old? And that immigrants are destroying our country from within ( funny coming from a guy named “O’Reilly” )? And that the president is some kind of secret Muslim?

  • flp

    That’s great!

    Now that Christianity is no longer a religion, they are no longer protected from the tax laws because philosophies are not tax exempt as are religions.

    I believe the IRS should start withholding tax from the ‘philosophy teachers’ (formerly known as preachers/priest) pay as of right now,
    and the county tax offices should start sending out property tax bills to the ‘philosophy teaching centers’ (formerly know as churches) immediately.

    This is great news! Now we can start getting our country back on it’s feet again. We should be able to collect literally millions of dollars from just the Catholic philosophy teaching centers, not to mention all the Protestant philosophy teaching centers we’ll be collecting from.

    Awesome! Cha-ching!

  • Ruben Morgan

    Wait – this is supposed to be a video of Billo destroying somebody? I watched this video and missed the part where David Silverman got destroyed.

  • tony

    Simply out-yelling someone, or cutting their mic (he’s done it to other “guests”) is not “destroying” them. If the question is “what is 2+2?” you may be able to yell 5 louder than I can say 4, but this does not make you correct. In fact, it might make you a pompous a-hole if you do so with the arrogant conviction of O’Reilly. Something else to keep in mind: Imagine if the government suddenly endorsed Islam the way it currently endorses Christianity. The atheists would be protesting right beside the outraged Christians. Just because the government happens to be endorsing what you believe in doesn’t mean that it is right for them to endorse it.

  • Joseph Shaffer

    I htink this proves once and for all that O’Reilly’s an idiot.

  • christina knight

    It looks to me like David Silverman clearly won this debate. He cleaned O’reilly’s clock! I have a degree in Religious Studies from ISU. It is new to me that Christianity is not a religion.

  • Galen

    Seems to me that this crackpot website got viewed by some foreward thinkers; and by the way, yes Bill O’Reilly DID get his ass kicked in the arguement with the guy who doesn’t believe in fairy tales!

  • Galen

    Holy crap! I just watched to video clip AFTER posting, I posted regarding the written transcript, and now I have to post because of the outragious behavior of this christian loon towards Mr. Silverman! O’Reilly is as usual, a rude, obnoxious idiot who bullies people who won’t believe in fairy tales! He also is a complete idiot and liar, christianity IS a religion and no amount of yelling and fact bending is gonna change that! Silverman WON that arguement HANDS DOWN!