Susan Rice’s net worth between $23.5 and $43.5 million – significant investments in more than a dozen Canadian oil companies including TransCanada (Keystone XL Pipeline)

susan-riceFirst of all, how is someone like Susan Rice worth between $23.5 and $43.5 million? If the media did their jobs, maybe we’d know how a UN diplomat could amass so much wealth. Funny how leftists, who hate the rich never utter a word about Susan Rice’s net worth. Not only is Susan Rice worth so much money, but she has significant investments in over a dozen Canadian oil companies. She even has a conflict of interest with her ownership stake in TransCanada, you know that Keystone XL pipeline that Obama nixed? Remember during the campaign how ‘bad’ it was to have investments out of the United States?

Rice also stands to profit big if the Keystone XL pipeline is ever approved, so keep an eye on this one.

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  • Billy Sullivan

    How did she make her money?

    • Sue

      Oil company investments! Where did she get the money to invest? Probably from her Canadian hubby, altho’ he is a journalist so hmmm….look, all you have to do is check her wiki page and you’ll see she is a GLOBALIST. That’s all.

      • TorJohn

        It makes sense that it is from her husband. He was with the CBC.

    • Carole Ray

      …and they demonize those on the other side with cash…sadly these people grab it in their fists and threaten anyone who attempts to take it from “them”!

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  • jaylew714

    Out of my personal consistency to avoid all envy of others money….I am reticent to question Rice’s net worth…..but given the gait I see every time she trots to a podium or gallops down some marble hallway….it appears that she is a horse of some sort. Also please notice that walking down long sets of steps also seems to cause her some difficulty…another equine trait. So who knows?……Horse Racing can be very lucrative….especially when the mainstream media is rife with so many dopes.

  • Don J Cassidy


  • Barbara Weaver

    My husband’s pension was originally handled by Pacific Gas Transmissions (a subsidiary of Pacific Gas & Electric). Shortly after he retired, it was bought out by TransCanada. All of his retirement is now from TransCanada.. I tend to not feel too excited over the news that Rice has investments there. So do WE!

    • Chillin

      The question is not whether she has investments in Canada… it ishow did she and her husband end up with $40 million…

      • flatman

        Yeah, as a fully paid up member of the Left Wing Conspiracy, I and a lot of lefties would like to know where her money came from. It’s a legitimate question. Did she inherit it? Why not-or does the idea of a black woman inheriting that much money seem, err, wrong to some of you fossils?

  • Shanghied1

    Bribes? Oil for food? Insider trading? diamonds? Where does a civil servant make 40 million dollars in 20 years?

  • Chilling

    That is the dumbest comment one could make about this. You dumb cont… the question is not whether she has money in Canada… it is how a journalist husband and an ambassador wife could amass $45 million

  • md in mn

    If she made her money honestly, bully for her! The market works! Why fuss? Romney had money in over seas tax shelters, no one seemed to mind that? Lets not talk about the fiscal cliff and these rich an powerful people paying their fair share… no lets distract people from whats really important! Ya that’s it! So middle class can suck up the share of the tax load that the rich should be paying! Yes Yes Yes let’s worry about Susan Rice’s personal investment portfolio!

    • Jonah

      You Sir have missed the point. Susan Rice’s finances should be open to the public ‘if’ she is selected to be Secretary of State. The distraction is the cover up S. Rice participated in when reporting on the Bengazi attack that killed 4 Americans…

    • flatman

      Do you care if she made her money honestly? Really. You ‘Publicans ought to be supporting her: she was a big supporter of the Iraq war, she’s snuggled up to African dictators, she loves Israel, and she’s got a very high net worth-in fact, a perfect choice!

  • Jonathan Gal

    The difference between Romney and Rice, in my view, is that I have at least a general idea of how Romney earned his money. He built an investment firm, over the course of decades. Susan Rice, on the other hand, has only worked 2 years at McKinsey, a few years in think thanks, and a few years in public service. Where did the big money come from? I suspect bribes from Russia during her United Nations stint, but I could be wrong. Anyway, some sort of explanation as how she got that much money is in order, in my view.

    • Joey

      Who in the blue hell are you to say she owes you an explanation for how she got her money .

      • AndrewInterrupted

        Mitt Romney in blue hell had to. Conflict of interest inquiries need to know who in blue hell is making money in areas of bias. What in the blue hell are you talking about? If Jonathan is a U.S. citizen it is his right.

  • Michael

    You have to be a fucking imbecile to believe she came into 42 mill honestly – as a public servant without a rich husband.. If we had anything resembling an honest media serving citizens, her ass would be in jail sometime in the near future.

  • Sarah Palin Rules

    The liberal media homos at daily kos, huffington, pmsnbc, nbc, abc, cbs, pbs, npr, etc and the gay liberal press wont tell anyone where liberals get thier money. unless they want to personally attack them

  • Jonah

    Come on people. Everyone (well most of everyone’s) income in Washington DC surpasses that $250 K, you know, that one percent Obama says should pay more taxes. Do you really think Obama and Congress will increase taxes on their income…or any of their cronies taxes..??? NOT, it’s one more of his underhanded Chicago political stunts to make himself look like a hero. That’s how he got re elected !