Walmart halts health insurance coverage for new hires thanks to ObamaCARE

obamacare-progressive-blo-taxBut wait, I thought the Waltons who own Walmart are big Obama/Democrat donors? Funny how supporters of Obama and the other Democrats are doing all they can to avoid the new taxes and costs associated with ObamaCARE. Despite their love of Obama and Democrats, Walmart, the nation’s largest private employer, is set to begin denying health insurance to newly hired employees who work fewer than 30 hours a week.

By making the fine for not providing health care cheaper than providing health care, this was always the plan: to encourage employers to send us to the government.

Remember how Obama’s big ObamaCare sell was, “You get to keep the health insurance you have”?

It was all a lie, a hustle, a con, a ruse…

But now it’s the law of the land … forever.

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