FORE!! King Putt Obama hits the links for record 107th time with BJ Bill Clinton

obama-kingputIt must have been tough for King Putt Obama during the election cycle. He never managed to get to the golf course as his propaganda team kept him off it because it might make him look bad in the lousy economy. Now that the election is over, and King Putt has secured another four more disastrous years, he’s back on the golf course for the second weekend in a row. He even took along a special friend this time. Non other than accused rapist, impeached former president BJ Bill Clinton. It’s not like Obama has anything more important to do these days. As he gets ready for his $4 million tax pay funded three week vacation, the fiscal-cliff looms, and it actually requires leadership to get a deal done, something Obama clearly lacks.

The outing seems to be part thank you to Clinton – who campaigned heavily for the president – and part strategy session for McAuliffe, who is personally close to Clinton.

This is the 107th time Obama has been golfing as president and the 15th time this year.

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