Hypocrite Dingy Harry Reid scrubs website of 2005 comments opposing filibuster ‘reform’

dingy-harry-reidFunny how hypocritical Democrats are, and especially Harry Reid. In 2005, when the Republicans controlled the Senate, Harry Reid was vehemently against changing current filibuster rules. Now, that Obama has won reelection and the Democrats still control the Senate, suddenly Reid wants filibuster ‘reform.’ Dingy Harry Reid had comments on his site from 2005 about how opposed to changing the filibuster rules he was. Suddenly, *poof*, they are mysteriously gone. They may be gone from his official site, but nothing is gone for ever from the Internet. Here is an example of one of Reid’s statements from 2005:

“Reid’s plan would forbid the use of filibusters when a bill is initially being brought to the Senate floor for debate and require filibustering senators to actually be on the Senate floor, a long-abandoned practice,” the report adds.

Why the sudden change of heart Dingy?

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