Tax cheat Tim Geithner squirms as Chris Wallace busts him for phony non-existent war savings in Obama budget (Video)

timgeithnerI just have to chuckle watching a tax cheat like Tim Geithner instruct the American people how those evil rich people and small businesses need to pay more taxes for ‘the good of the country.’ This coming from a tax cheat Tim Geithner who ‘just forgot’ to pay $30,000 in taxes before he was announced as Obama’s Treasury Secretary. Part of Obama’s ‘budget cuts’ are phony war savings on non-existent wars that wouldn’t have been fought anyway. Yet Obama, Geithner and the Marxist Democrats want to count these as budget cuts in order to try and look like they are offering a ‘balanced plan.’ Chris Wallace owned Geithner over the phony war savings.

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  • amazingoly

    He is so far off the mark, he needs to be physically removed from his office/.

  • fuzzywzhe

    Tim Geiterner cheats on his taxes, Obama gets the Nobel Peace prize while 3 wars are ongoing, and Guantanam is still open, George W Bush gives the Prezdidential Medal of Freedumb to George Tenet after he resigns from the CIA and takes all the blame for the “faulty intelligence”, Dick Cheney turns Halliburton from an oil exploration company into a bunch of mercenaries.

    You’re fighting over the Gambinos versus the Bonanno’s. Basically, you’re a stupid traitor if you support either of these criminal syndicates.