CNN British hack Piers Morgan: The 2nd amendment was devised with muskets in mind, not high-powered handguns & assault rifles. Fact.

cnn-obama-logoSo now the Brit Piers Morgan is an expert on the American Constitution? Piers Morgan should stick to reporting on the ‘royals’ in England, and less time trying to pretend he’s relevant in this country. His ratings are so low, they make Larry King’s last few years of miserable ratings seem high. Now the Brit is trying to instruct the American people what the founders meant with the 2nd amendment. You see, according to Morgan, the 2nd amendment was devised with muskets in mind, not ‘high-powered’ handguns or assault riffles.

Check out the epic smackdown on Twitter that Carol Roth put on the arrogant Brit:

Tea and Crumpets Gov’na? Here’s the snotty Brit’s original Tweet:

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