‘Gun culture’ Jason Whitlock believes the NRA is the new KKK or something (Video)

Jason Whitlock is the hack from Fox Sports who wrote the article that inspired Bob Costas to go on his half-time anti-gun rant. Turns out Jason Whitlock is also a race baiting leftist hack who seems to forget the the foundation of the KKK. In Whitlock’s eyes, the NRA is the new KKK. So are we to assume that the NRA Is the new Democrat party? Are leftists that dumb that they think they can just whitewash the past about the Democrats being the KKK, and their Senate leader for many years (Robert Byrd) was a Grand Wizard with the KKK? Maybe I should just blame the spoons and forks that made Jason Whitlock so fat.

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  • Sean

    Typical liberal racist. Interesting that he hid away when talk show hosts asked him to argue his stance.

    The opportunistic libs are making excuses, and using this as a way to attack gun rights. Calling the NRA the new KKK? Please.

    Belcher was violent- period. He had a history of it. If he had no gun, he would have used a knife, or a club, or maybe his bare hands. He committed murder, orphaned a child, and rather than face up to it, murdered himself.
    It’s a tragedy, but not one to attack other citizens for, just the one who committed the crime.