Sesame Street ‘Maria’ Sonia Manzano calls Israelis bullies, tormentors

democrat-logoAh yes, Sodomy Street, err Sesame Street. The PBS show that rakes in billions of dollars in profits but is still funded by tax payers. Not only do you have voices of puppets accused of pedophilia, but now you have actresses like ‘Maria’ aka Sonia Manzano calls Israelis bullies, tormentors. Twitchy as usual captured the Jew hater’s Tweet:

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  • No Way

    Whore is a whore is a whore…

  • Alex Flueve

    Is she not right?
    to expose, the Palestinian plight,
    so that they may compose,
    Thousands of rockets for the Israelite

  • levi

    you guys are hateful. gosh.
    it makes me ashed to be a jew