California Federation of Teachers releases propaganda video of rich people urinating on the ‘Poor’

seiu-brownshirts-obamaYou know what’s really ‘rich’ about ‘Tax the Rich: An animated fairy tale’ video from the California Federation of Teachers? It’s that union it whines about ‘buying politics.’ You know who the biggest donors to politicians are don’t you? UNIONS! You know what else is ironic? It has an admitted socialist Ed Asner, who made all his money through capitalism, being some mediocre actor in the 1970s on the Mary Tyler Moore show via capitalism. The video put out by the teachers union shows ‘evil rich people’ urinating on ‘poor people’ and is loaded with Occupy Wall Street type propaganda. That’s also ‘rich’ because Occupy Wall Street became famous for rapes, murders, public urination and public defecation. The following proganda video is 7 minutes and 50 seconds long. If you want to skip ahead to the urinating section, skip to 2 minutes and 55 seconds.

It’s also ‘rich’ that California has some of the worst educated students in the entire country.

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