Weeper Boehner purges conservatives and libertarians from prominent House committees

crybaby-boehnerWeeper Boehner is at it again. Why the hell the Republicans were stupid enough to re-elect this unstable, crying drunk as Speaker of the House is anyone’s guess. Conservatives David Schweikert of Arizona and Tim Huelskamp of Kansas were booted from their respective committees. Libertarians Justin Amash of Michigan and Walter Jones of North Carolina were also booted by Boehner.

However, the changes certainly appear to prepare Boehner to deliver on any agreement he makes with Harry Reid and Barack Obama. That came up as an issue in the summer of 2011, when a back-bench revolt began to look likely as details of the “grand bargain” got leaked during the final days of the debt-limit crisis. It signals that Boehner wants to have a carte blanche on negotiations this time around, and that his leadership appears ready to give it to him.

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